What is Elibro?


Elibro is a community for those who love to write, and where you can share or directly publish a story, a novel or an e-book. With Elibro, we want to create a site where everyone can find and discover the joy of writing, but also reach out to potential readers.

With E-libro you can write for yourself or with others In Swedish or English. You can also publish anonymously any time you want. All members can read as much as they want, free of charge. You can also contribute with your feedback to others and  follow and rank your favorite authors.

Elibro is working to create long-term partnerships with publishers, production companies and sponsors.


Contact information


If you have any questions or any suggestions for improvement, you are warmly invited to get in contact with us. We also welcome any collaborative partnerships to contact us.


Orwest AB

Postal Address:Banérgatan 27A, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN


Telephone: +46 (0)723 153321

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Registered office: Stockholm

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Costs and Conditions


All Memberships are provided free of charge. 

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